Thank you!

28.06.20 06:36 PM By Bruno - Comment(s)

We want to thank everyone that has been helping us to get this game off the ground! In special, this time we want to thank everyone that has been making videos for Youtube and Twitch! Here is a list (in alphabetical order):

The Clans are back!! But wait, not really..

24.06.20 04:59 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)

We are thrilled to announce that the update 2.12 is almost out, we are fine tuning some final details. The test server will still be announced on our Discord, and will most likely be opened this weekend. We hope you enjoy the new stuff and also we are fixing some old bugs.

- Referrals! Now you can...

Even dragons have their ending!

24.05.20 12:33 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)
Hi there!

The new update 2.11 is near. Join us on our Discord, where we will announce the test server. We bring the following changes, in no particular order:

- No more clans. As previously announced, we are removing the clans system. We have no plans yet for adding a guild system, because there are m...

One Map To Rule Them All

30.04.20 01:15 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)

The new update (2.10) is nearly here. It has been a while because we have been working on many new big features and improvements, and also because the Play Store updates are slow now and we want to pack more things into a single update. The test server will be online from Friday, and we will a...

Lag! Help!?!

29.04.20 01:55 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)