2.13 Update Official Time

25.07.20 04:20 PM By Bruno - Comment(s)


Thanks for helping us test the new update! The test server went smoothly and we have fixed all the errors. Since this is a update with new servers, and people are very competitive, we want to announce the update time so you can be prepared and organize with your team. We will shut down the ser...

Not all Trolls are bad

23.07.20 04:20 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)
Hello Kakele community,

The next update is coming, and as usual we wanted to let you know about the upcoming changes. We are working hard each month to try to bring you fresh stuff. Changes and new systems are complex and it takes time to implement them with quality, specially for complex games ...

New PvP Modes

15.07.20 11:51 PM By Bruno - Comment(s)

As previously announced, we will have two types of servers from the 2.13 update: the Optional PvP and the Open PvP servers. Here is how they are going to work:

In this mode, everything works the same as the PvE servers right now, but now when you turn off peaceful mode you can deal damage to whoever ...

Thank you!

28.06.20 06:36 PM By Bruno - Comment(s)

We want to thank everyone that has been helping us to get this game off the ground! In special, this time we want to thank everyone that has been making videos for Youtube and Twitch! Here is a list (in alphabetical order):

The Clans are back!! But wait, not really..

24.06.20 04:59 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)

We are thrilled to announce that the update 2.12 is almost out, we are fine tuning some final details. The test server will still be announced on our Discord, and will most likely be opened this weekend. We hope you enjoy the new stuff and also we are fixing some old bugs.

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