Premium Account - Huge Milestone

11.04.20 12:14 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)
Dear Kakele Players,

Today is a day for celebration. We are officially launching the Kakele Premium experience! This marks a huge milestone in the game, as going forward we will have more resources to invest in Kakele, including things like Marketing.

Checkout the benefits of being Premium at: https:/...

What the Hell?

08.04.20 12:44 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)

One of the benefits of this quarantine is that it allows us to spend more time developing Kakele :) We hope everyone is doing OK!

We will start a test server soon, join us in the Discord to find out more!

The last update seems weeks ago, but it was just last week! This new update brings some...

Update 2.7

30.03.20 10:25 PM By Bruno - Comment(s)

The next update is near! We have decided to roll out some more changes following the last update, and those will require a new full update. We will announce the test servers later on this week, on Discord.

Here are the changes:

- New monsters are being added along with new items: the skeleto...

Upcoming Update 2.6

28.03.20 03:34 PM By Bruno - Comment(s)
Hello there,

This time we are publishing the update changes beforehand! Also because we are opening the test server for everyone. There is a #test-server channel on Discord, please join it there for a link to download the test app and for more instructions.

This update brings mainly changes to control...

Trade and itsy bitsy spiders update!

15.03.20 05:40 PM By Bruno - Comment(s)
Hey there,

Great news, we have a new update again! We have finished up the first version of Trading. Bear in mind it is the initial version and adjustments will be made over time. It is accessible in the Account Menu. Please let us know your thoughts or if you find any bugs (if you find a bug on Trad...
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