Kakele 3.1

15.01.21 08:41 PM By Bruno - Comment(s)
Hello world!

It has been nearly 1 year since Kakele 2.1 has launched. So much has changed, so much has improved, and we are looking forward to 2021 and beyond! With excitement and pride, we present you <drum rolls> Kakele 3.1!!

Take a look on our website as well, we have also improved some thing...

Guilds Update and Happy Holidays!

26.11.20 04:26 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)
Hi there,

Finally the Guild system update has arrived! There are many possibilities and ideas floating out there, but we wanted to start with the simplest system possible and evolve from there. The details about the system are described here, and you can also post questions and suggestions:

Home Sweet Home and Happy Halloween!

26.10.20 01:27 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)

Here we are again for another thrilling update. There are a lot of changes but the bulk of it is about the housing system. If you have not seen our demo video, please check it out:

Mining, Herbalism and More!

26.09.20 11:40 PM By Lucas - Comment(s)
Howdy Kakele folks,

It seems like an eternity since the last update and we are looking forward to share with you the new changes and improvements to the game! To top that, we have reached a peak of more than 200 players online in all the servers summed up!! We are very happy to continue to improve Ka...

Let's Trade

22.08.20 02:04 AM By Bruno - Comment(s)
Dear players,

The new update (2.14) is coming. There is a lot changing again, and we understand that you may get overwhelmed by this. Changes are made for the long term success of the game, so try to keep an open mind and always feel free to share your opinion in a constructive way. Here are the new ...
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