2.13 Update Official Time

25.07.20 04:20 PM By Bruno


Thanks for helping us test the new update! The test server went smoothly and we have fixed all the errors. Since this is a update with new servers, and people are very competitive, we want to announce the update time so you can be prepared and organize with your team. We will shut down the servers at the times below this Sunday, and upload the new game apps so you can download them already. We can take a few minutes to a few hours to launch the new version from the announced times below. In other words, we cannot guarantee how long it will take, so make sure to keep trying to connect using the 2.13 app (which will be available tomorrow) if you want that competitive advantage. As a reminder, the Play Store takes a while to update, so you can download the APK from our downloads page.

As announced previously, up to 7 days after the update, you can send us an email to contact@kakele.io to DELETE exactly one character in your account for Kakele Coins, if you have created your account before the 15th of July (5 times your level). After the update, you will have 7 days to also contact us by email to change between Optional PvP servers if you want, so that we make sure no one gets stuck in the wrong server.

The update start times are below:

London Time: 6PM, 26th of July (Sunday)
Brasilia Time: 2PM, 26th of July (Sunday)
Los Angeles Time: 10AM, 26th of July (Sunday)

Kind regards,
The ViVa team