Changes to PvE and PvP servers

12.07.20 09:55 PM By Lucas
Dear players.

After hearing your feedback regarding PvE and PvP servers splitting, the game staff agreed on the following:

1- PvE servers will now be optional-PvP servers. 

Everything works the same as the PvE servers right now, but now when you turn off peaceful mode you can deal damage to whoever got the PvP swords. You get PvP swords just by turning off peaceful mode and trying to attack anyone.

Death by PvP counts as same as death by PvE (1% of experience). The anti-luring system is turned on.

2- PvP servers will now be open-PvP servers.

Everything works the same as the PvP servers right now, but you cannot attack or be attacked if you are lower than level 10. There is no anti-luring and luring is allowed. What changes is the introduction of a PK system:

a- A kill is considered unjustified if you kill someone without the PvP swords

b- Having the peaceful mode on means that you will not attack anyone

c- As soon as you attack someone you get the PvP swords

d- There is a "unjustified kills" list for you in the game app

e- If you die to PvP without the PvP swords, it works the same as now (if you are lower level than your killers average, you lose the exp proportional to the difference in levels)

f- Dying by PvP with the PvP swords counts the same as the PvE penalty

g- The longer the unjustified list is, the greater the death penalty will be, for PvP or PvE

We will yet define the time an unjustified kill expires and the death penalties.

3- Changing servers will not be possible anymore. In the future, we will probably charge Kakele coins for changing servers of the same type (eg, optional PvP to optional PvP only).

4- All current players will be able to choose an optional-PvP server to stay in. All open-PvP servers will start from ground zero.

a- Players will be able to choose a single player in their accounts to be DELETED and each level exchanged by 5 Kakele coins.

b- Only players that were created before today will be able to be picked up for deletion.

c- When the time comes, we will instruct you how to send us the player name if you wish to delete your character in exchange of coins.

If you have questions or have further feedback, please use the suggestion channels in our Discord or send us an email to

Note that we know this won't please everyone and it was not an easy decision. We opted for the alternative that the majority of you are ok with and the one we believe is the best for the game growth.

The changes will take place in the next update, end of July / beginning of August.

The ViVa team.