New Payment Methods

19.08.20 05:47 PM By Bruno

Dear players,

We are restructuring the Kakele payments, packages and prices. From the 2.14 update, players that install the game via the Play Store will only be able to use the Google Play payment method, as this is a policy enforcement by Google (and in the future the same applies for iOS players). If you download the game via our website, you will have all the other options available (PayPal, PicPay and international bank transfer). We wanted to let you know in advance, since these are big changes which will happen in the following couple of weeks. 

To simplify the coins packages, the amount of coins available to purchase will be 500, 1500 and 3000. For PayPal, the prices will be 5.99, 17.99 and 27.99 (USD). For PicPay, the prices will be 29.99, 89.99 and 149.99 (BRL). For international bank transfers it will be 4.99, 14.99 and 24.99 (Euros). For the Google Play Store, the prices will be 7.49, 22.49 and 32.49 (USD), and you can pay using your local currency as Google will do the exchange for you (the exchange rate will be updated every week or so). Google Play prices are higher than the other ones due to the high fees and risk with their payment method.

We have also updated the Trading Coins section in our website, so please make sure to read it before buying coins and trying to trade them.

Feel free to reach us by email with any questions or comments. Remember that these prices are subject to change, but we will let you know if we do change them.

Kind regards,

The ViVa team