New PvP Modes

15.07.20 11:51 PM By Bruno

As previously announced, we will have two types of servers from the 2.13 update: the Optional PvP and the Open PvP servers. Here is how they are going to work:

Optional PvP

In this mode, everything works the same as the PvE servers right now, but now when you turn off peaceful mode you can deal damage to whoever got the PvP swords. You get PvP swords just by turning off peaceful mode and trying to attack a player (if you are level 10 or more).

Death by PvP counts as same as death by PvE (1% of experience). The anti-luring system is turned on.

Open PvP

The goal of this type of server is to allow players to battle more often, while punishing those that abuse too much of that freedom, as we don't want someone to go on a rampage killing low levels or people that don't want to battle. It will works as follows:

In this mode, everything works the same as the PvP servers right now, but you cannot attack or be attacked if you are lower than level 10. There is no anti-luring and luring is allowed. What changes is the introduction of a Player Killer (PK) system:

  • A kill is considered unjustified only if you kill someone WITHOUT the PvP swords and the killed player is not "Punished" or "Doomed" (see the unjustified penalties for details). These kills may be added to your "unjustified kills" list
  • Everyone that attacked the killed player within 30 seconds will be considered as a potential 'killer'
    • The player that has dealt the most damage will get an "unjustified kill"
    • If there are more than 1 player that have attacked the killed player, then 1 other players at random will also get an "unjustified kill"
      • For example: if 10 players kill a player that didn't have the PvP swords (and the player that has died was not "Punished" or above), the player that has dealt the most damage and one other player into consideration at random will get 1 unjustified kill. The other 8 do not get the unjust kill
  • Having the peaceful mode on means that you will not attack anyone and will not get the PvP swords
    • If you have the PvP swords they will disappear after their timer reaches 0, even if there are others attacking you
  • You will ALWAYS get the PvP swords when attacking someone, whether they have the PvP swords or not
  • There is a "unjustified kills" list for you in the game app
    • If you die to PvP without the PvP swords, it works the same as now (if you are lower level than your killers average, you lose the exp proportional to the difference in levels up to 1%)
    • Dying to PvP with the PvP swords counts the same as the PvE penalty
    • The longer the unjustified list is, the greater the death penalty will be, for PvP, PvE or if you had an unjust death. Read below for more details

  Unjustified Kills Death Penalties

Remember that you only may get an "unjust kill" entry when the other player didn't have the PvP swords!

  • Each entry takes 14 days to disappear

    • For instance if you kill 7 people today and 2 tomorrow. In 14 days all the first 7 entries are gone. On the next day, the other 2 will be gone

  • You will have at most 15 entries in your list (the most recent ones)

  • If your character dies, then the death penalty is applied. The penalty applied to you is classified into three types (and it is shown in the  "unjustified list"), and it depends on how many unjustified kills you have:

    • "Innocent": regular death penalty: 1% for PvE, 1% for PvP if you have the PvP swords and 0-1% for PvP if you don't have the PvP swords

    • "Guilty": If the player has at least 1 entry, then 1% for PvE and PvP no matter what are the circumstances

    • "Punished": if you have 10 entries or more, or if you have 5 entries in a 7 day window or you have 3 entries in a 24 hours window: then you lose 5% experience, 1% gold, all of your backpack and 10% of chance of an equipment. The lost items may show up on someone's (that killed you) loot at random. Players that kill you, will not receive an unjustified kill

    • "Doomed": if you have 15 entries: then you lose 10% experience, 5% gold, all of your backpack and 100% chance of an equipment. The lost items may show up on someone's (that killed you) loot at random. Players that kill you, will not receive an unjustified kill

The game app will show the list of unjustified kills in the "unjustified list", and it will also show the current penalty classification.

We will include a mark in the player if they are "Punished" or "Doomed". This is the first version that we have decided on, simple to understand and based on the previous game versions. We will continue to listen to feedback and measure the effects of these systems, and we will improve and tune it if we need to in future updates.

As before, please let us know your comments in our Discord!

Best regards,

The ViVa team