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Download Kakele 3.3
Download Kakele 3.3
Download Kakele 3.3

BlueStacks Android Emulator (APK)

Download Kakele 3.3

(*You may need to uninstall the current game app to install the APK manually)

Additional Instructions


  • Use your favorite zip software (such as WinRar) to extract the downloaded file into a folder in your computer.
  • Double-click on the kakele.exe file to execute the game app.
  • If you got a "Something went wrong" error window like this one while launching the game app, please update your graphic card drivers.
    • Currently, there are some Intel graphic cards that have a bug preventing Kakele to run. If, even after you update everything, you are still getting the same error, we recommend you using an Android emulator, such as Blue Stacks below.
  • On Linux you may run Kakele using the kakele executable file.  
  • On Mac you may execute Kakele using the kakele executable file (in Contents/MacOS folder). Right click and select 'Open'.

Blue Stacks

  • Blue Stacks is designed to enable Android applications to run on PCs.
  • Start Blue Stacks, and from inside the emulator, open the navigator and navigate to, and download and install the APK file.
Download Blue Stacks

Play Kakele!

  • Kakele has a in-game tutorial where you should learn all the basics!

  • That should be all! If you have any trouble, please reach to us via the Contact Page.