Kakele 4 - Crypto Wars (COMING SOON!)

In Kakele 4, we are shifting the game business model from Free to Play to Play to Earn! "What does that mean"? We are glad you asked! In simple terms, we will:

  1. Allow players to buy and sell their account characters, in a Kakele game character market so to speak. The transactions will all happen within the game and it will be handled by us, ViVa Games, with a small fee in Kakele Coins. Players will buy and sell characters using Kakele Coins, which are transferred between their accounts.
  2. Players will be able to sell their ingame assets for NANO cryptocurrency!

WARNING: the new game version and systems involving it are still being developed and are subject to change.

Download the Whitepaper below!!
Kakele 4 Whitepaper